Holistic Sustainability – our unique approach

We are recognised experts in sustainable design – we regularly speak to local and international audiences on the topic; we teach sustainability in local and international universities; we have received awards for our sustainable projects and Carol received a Churchill Fellowship to study design methods to accommodate climate change. We are signatories to Australian Architects Declare and our projects address climate-adaptation.
We are highly cognisant of the global requirements to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and tackle climate change – all of our projects reduce consumption of the planet’s finite resources, while creating comfortable and delightful buildings and places for your enjoyment

Sustainable design requires a particular way of working – clear goals set at the project inception and close collaboration between client, architect and engineers throughout the process. Pursuing an environmental agenda is not a constraint but instead a major stimulus towards an architecture that is innovative, authentic, and meaningful.

Sustainable design and architecture is not just a matter of add-ons or product specification. It involves more than insulation, solar panels and rainwater tanks. Holistic sustainability is a design method that takes inspiration from systems in the natural world to create beautiful and functional buildings that harmonise the relationship between people and nature. The end result is refined, subtle and elegant.

Our approach towards sustainable design goes far beyond conventional and accepted definitions of the word; we create solutions that are adaptable and flexible over time; they offer longevity of use because they respond to the changing needs of our clients, a changing climate and weather patterns, and create a lasting connection to nature.