Holistic Sustainability – our unique approach

Marra + Yeh Architects are recognised experts in sustainable architecture. Every project undertaken by our practice has measurable, evidence-based outcomes. We have disseminated our expertise via talks and publications; have received local and international recognition for our work; and regularly teach sustainable design at The University of Sydney. We are signatories to Australian Architects Declare and our work addresses climate-adaptation.

Sustainability requires a particular way of working – clear goals set at the project inception and close collaboration between client, architect and engineers throughout the process. Pursuing an environmental agenda is not a constraint but instead a major stimulus towards an architecture that is innovative, authentic, and meaningful.

Sustainability in architecture is not merely a matter of add-ons or product specification. It involves more than insulation, solar panels and rainwater tanks. Rather, it informs our approach to every project.

Sustainable design acknowledges the dynamic interaction of buildings with their immediate natural setting and climate. It is these interactions on which the design process focuses as much as on the resultant form of the building.

We have developed our approach to sustainable architecture around four core principles:

  • Dynamic architecture: design solutions that enable occupants to modify their environment to suit their individual preferences and respond to climate.
  • Testing & Simulations: evidence-based design approach where solutions are backed up by measurable outcomes.
  • Thermal delight: design solutions based on the understanding that human physiological needs are an important part of how space is experienced.
  • Sustainable heritage: our ability to win Council support for and implement innovative solutions within heritage contexts.

Holistic sustainability is a design method that considers both people and the environment as part of an integral system. It is the synthesis of physical comfort, environmental efficiency and aesthetic ambition. It is refined, subtle and elegant.