ILWU is the refurbishment of office areas for a local Union, whose members are mainly in the hospitality industry. The original building was designed by the Bauhaus Architect Alfred Preis upon his immigration to Hawaii. Preis had particular interest in socialist principles, which he incorporated into his work. The refurbishment of this building was anchored by an understanding of the original intent and respectful intervention. One of the main features of the building is a mural located in the lobby area which spans 3 levels. The mural was painted by Pablo O’Higgins, a student of Diego Rivera, and depicts the struggle of workers. Restoration of the mural was an integral part of the building work. The refurbishment is deliberately understated, and consisted in large part of updating the building’s systems. Internal spaces were also refurbished, in many instances by salvaging original elements of the building, restoring and reusing these. An ice-assist cooling system was installed, which reduces operating costs by using electric power during non-peak times to make ice, which then melts during the hot day and cools the air within.
Work in association with JSA.


American Institute of Architects Award of Merit, 2004