Marra + Yeh manages each project from conception to completion, bringing together all the necessary consultants and expertise as part of our team as well as a network of builders and craftspeople. We provide an integrated service being the sole point of contact for the client and handle the entire approvals process via development application, complying development or in foreign jurisdictions.


Our work is characterised by being specific to the particulars of place, culture and client. We make architecture that fits its human and natural environment through a careful process of discovery and diagnosis.Architecture is a means of both artistic and functional expression, using quality craftsmanship to bring forth our most human sensibilities. Our design process is predicated on having patience, commitment, and creativity.


Great buildings have great clients – interested, inquisitive and committed. Our clients value quality over quantity, innovation over conformity, sustainability over superficiality. Our clients value our ability to find alternatives where none are apparent. We work on a personal basis with a selective client group who are mindful of the resources required and possess the spirit of discovery to achieve these aims.


Pre-design Advice

We offer a stand-alone service to guide clients at the very early stage of their project to determine its feasibility and potential outcomes. We make an assessment of your needs and aspirations, opportunities, constraints and regulations to set up the stragey which guides the project.

Design + Documentation

The design concept arises from our understanding of the site, the client and the environment. We lead a team of consultants through the conceptual and detailed stages of design. We produce a complete set of documents describing every aspect of the project, its material, construction methods, systems and finishes.



We bring together an expert team of builders and craftsman to implement every project down to the final detail. We manage the project on behalf of the client throughout the construction stage and ensure the design integrity is maintained down to the last detail.