What are the stages of the design process? - it's a question we are often asked. In this post we guide you step by step through the 4 stages of design - from the initial conversation to the day your new home is ready for you


We’re delighted that you’re considering working with Marra+Yeh, and we’re keen to show you how we can collaborate to design and create your new home, one that will serve your needs now and well into the future. Designing a new home is both complex and exciting,

Sustainable Community – Shelter@Rainforest

How do you create a sustainable community in a remote area of Borneo? In this talk Ken Yeh explores the approach required to successfully build a sustainable community from scratch. Journey to a remote area of Borneo to discover how Marra + Yeh Architects answered the needs

Sustainable House 2030

The sustainable house of 2030 combines tradition and innovation as explored in this talk https://youtu.be/yJIC2d4vQoY The sustainable house of 2030 needs to be climatic architecture; counteracting climate by basic measures and adapting itself to climatic changes on an on-going basis. Climatic response and sustainability must be the

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