Architecture + Climate : going troppo

Architecture + Climate: going troppo

Bushfire zones, rainforests, the seaside, cold, temperate and tropical climates – we have designed and built projects in all these.

Climate, and how we respond to it is one of the guiding preoccupations in our practice, so when we were invited to take part in the 2014 AusIndoArch conference in Darwin we quickly packed our bags and made our way to the top end. Over the course of 3 hot and humid days we traded ideas and insights with architects and colleagues from Indonesia and all over Australia. Carol gave a presentation highlighting how as contemporary architects we can reinvent and adapt principles of vernacular architecture, applying technology to transform existing traditions, as we have done at Stiletto House. And closed by discussing how architects must create buildings that have a direct relationship to the environment, the landscape and the climate, illustrated through our project Shelter@Rainforest.