About us

Marra + Yeh Architects are experts in sustainable architecture. The practice is based in Sydney, working on projects throughout Australia and the Asia Pacific region. We undertake projects from concept to completion through a clear stage by stage process with fixed fees for each stage.

Architecture begins with a conversation (over good food and wine!) about your ambitions, aspirations, dreams, fears and problems. We want to know what gives you joy and what stresses you out. Together we will discover what a building represents for you and how it fits into your personal life or business strategy. Our architecture is a unique response to each client and is the enabler of how you want to live, work or play.

Our clients come from diverse cultural backgrounds, have spent time living abroad or have a particular connection to a special place. Our architecture draws on this material to create intensely personal and meaningful spaces. We work across the spectrum of cultures in Australia and Asia creating architecture that is highly individual and finely tuned to its environment.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you take the first steps in your architectural journey.

[Nominated Architect: Carol Marra, NSW 7996]