About us: sustainability architects

Marra + Yeh Architects Design for Climate and Design for Change. We are sustainability architects with deep expertise in sustainable architecture. Based in Sydney and the Blue Mountains,we work on projects throughout Australia and the Asia Pacific region.

Our expertise includes Passive Design, Passive House, Climate Mitigation & Adaptation, Design for Flexibility, Adaptability & Longevity and Design with Country.

Husband & wife team Carol Marra and Ken Yeh founded the practice following professional training in the USA. Originally from Argentina and Malaysia, we have diverse lived and cultural backgrounds. We bring broad-based professional knowledge and lived experience – including global concepts and specific place histories – to every project.

Our clients come from diverse cultural backgrounds, have spent time living abroad or have a particular connection to a special place. Our architecture draws on this material to create intensely personal and meaningful spaces. We work across the spectrum of cultures in Australia and Asia creating architecture that is highly individual and finely tuned to its environment.

Be prepared to go on an adventurous journey with us – as we weave history and stories into the fabric of the places we design – to create truly unique outcomes on each and every project.

Contact us to discuss how we can help you take the first steps in your architectural journey.


Our approach brings together people, buildings and nature in a holistic and considered way.

Mindful of traditions and history, we pursue innovation in sustainability and lifestyles, delivering highly responsive and regenerative results.


The design process is complex, but working with us to deliver your vision is simple and enjoyable.

We bring clarity to complex issues, and by refining ideas in line with your input create easy-to-use and delightful places and spaces.


Our architecture limits your impact on the planet, by starting from sustainable design first principles.

Our projects are delightful and comfortable to inhabit throughout changing seasons, and as your needs change over time.

[Nominated Architect: Carol Marra, NSW 7996]